The End of the World!


The end of the world, our new featured wine and why I don’t like ice tea (not the rapper).

Well the end of the world is nigh. Are you worried about that? According to the Mayan calendar the world will come to either a fiery cataclysmic end or . . . fill in your own end of the world apocalyptic prediction here. You know why I’m not worried? Because it’s a Mayan Calendar! You think a bunch of Mesoamericans that had no concept of the wheel were able see into the future to crack the secrets of the universe? Well think again, because we all know the world is going to end when the Chargers win a Super bowl in 2025. It’s a fact. My Mayan calendar (sexy fireman edition) says so.  
So let’s talk about a real natural disaster. Earthquake!!! Got your attention? Good. Our new featured winery is Michael David from Lodi California has some awesome wines and we are going to be featuring 5 of them. Two of them fall under the “Earthquake” label. The petite sirah and the cabernet sauvignon are both great examples of what big juicy well made wines, from great growing regions that won’t choke all the greenbacks out of your wallet (or designer purse) are. Another wine we are featuring is their petite petit. This is a blend of petite sirah and petit verdot. You better have a designated driver lined up because this whopper of a wine will leave your teeth stained a nice inky purple. Good luck convincing officer Goodspeed you were just drinking ice tea* at dinner. We are also offering a very tasty zinfandel called “Lust” that is named after one of the seven deadly “Zins”. Why lust? Would you really order a bottle called “Sloth” or “Gluttony”? Yeah didn’t think so.

J.T. Hutchens, Wine Director, Sommelier, 2nd round draft pick for the Milwaukee Bucks and made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.

*Oh and I don’t drink ice tea because it doesn’t make sense.