Vodka! Not just Your Crazy Russian uncle's drink!


We here at Pacifica believe that if you’re going to do something do it right, and make sure you do it so awesomely cool that no one has a chance to touch it, emulate it or hey, even look at your idea.  Yeah, were talking to you fabric restaurants! Don’t even look, you can’t handle this many vodkas!  We have over 210 of the finest vodkas from around the world, and one really bad one.                     

Now you’re asking yourself“J.T.  how can you possibly improve on a spirit that is basically clear, odorless and tasteless?”  And you’re probably also asking “why is he making me ask these silly questions?”  Well stay with me baby birds, I’ll feed you. Vodka alone is an amazing spirit. Its neutrality allows it to be combined with anything, and not impart any noticeable flavors to the final product. Kind of like when you mix whiskey or rum, everything always taste like, well whiskey or rum.  Now toss in flavored vodkas and we just kicked it up a notch. We have some incredible flavored vodkas from the likes of Absolut, Belvedere, Stolichnaya and the always surprising Three Olives. (They make flavors that taste like Mountain Dew, Root Beer, Bubble Gum, Birthday cake and Smores.)

Great J.T. but what about different kinds of distillation?  Yeah, is everyone making it from wheat or grain?  Nope. We’ve got companies making it from, potatoes, oats, grapes, oranges, corn, and I even have a small Polish family run business outside of Tarnobrzeg trying to distill from unicorn tears.

So whether you’re looking for a straight-up old school vodka that no self-respecting drinker would ever add ice to, or a fruity flavored concoction that was infused with kiwi, cucumber, Buddhas hand citron or whatever, come on down and check out one of our 210 vodkas COMRADE!

J.T. Hutchens
Wine Director, Sommelier, Bunko Professional, and so L.A. he’s Vegas!