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Saying Good Bye to a Friend We Barely Knew, and What’s Happening. (Where’s Rerun!?!)

Well another restaurant in the Del Mar Plaza has come and gone. For all you locals that don’t know what I’m talking about, Flavor is no longer with us. I swear that the place sits on top of an Indian burial ground, or maybe we are just so awesome that no one can stand next to our greatness without being consumed by the flames of an apocalyptic righteousness that is brought down from the heave. . .wait a second did we just get transported into a Southern Baptist revival? O.K. back on track lets all pray that the fifth times a charm. Hey maybe the new owners will renovate the bar and not have everyone’s backs toward the ocean?

O.K. lets talk about us. To the six people who actual read my blog, I apologize for skipping the month of February, but I was vacationing in a Turkish Prison. It’s a long story and needless to say my travel agent and I are not on speaking terms right now.

We’ve got a lot of cool events coming up at Pacifica Del Mar. First is Easter Sunday brunch on March 31st. So after you go to church for the first time this year (you Easter/Christmas Christians know what I’m talking about) you can come on down and enjoy some of our classic entrées, fabulous breakfast favorites, and BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS. Yeah you read that right, a straight man just used fabulous in a sentence. Next up is Mothers Day. Let’s not wait till the last minute and get on the ball and make those reservations! It’s your Mom! She brought you into this world! So get the card, get the flowers, and get on the phone and dial Pacifica now!

We also have two wine dinners that we will be doing in April and May featuring two big time Napa Valley wineries so keep your eyes peeled and your earballs to the street! Oh and if you hate your job, there is a support group for that, its called everybody, and they meet in our bar, so come on down and try one of our 220+ vodkas and introduce yourself!
“Hi my name is John and I hate my job.” “HI JOHN!!!”

J.T. Hutchens, Wine Director, Sommelier, Saved the Princess, Plays a Mean Washboard, and Winner of the 2012 Del Mar Fair Hot Dog Eating Contest.