Pacifica Breeze Café Breakfast Menu
breakfast served 8am to 11:30am monday - friday / 8am to 12pm saturday & sunday
two eggs any style   $9
bacon or sausage, breakfast potatoes,
your choice of bread…
(olive sourdough, whole wheat or english muffin)
del mar power scramble   $10.5
egg whites, tofu, kale, salsa, corn tortilla,
served with refried beans
*add smoked turkey for $1
eggs benedict   $12
canadian bacon, english muffin,
hollandaise, breakfast potatoes
shrimp & grits   $13.5
cheesy grits, zesty shrimp, 2 eggs any style,
guajillo tomato sauce
ham-cheese-egg sandwich   $11
croissant, scrambled or fried eggs, country ham,
gruyere cheese, fig jam, breakfast potatoes
breeze huevos   $11
crisp corn tortilla, chorizo, refried beans,
over-easy eggs, guajillo tomato sauce, salsa,
pickled onions, cotija cheese, crème fraiche
breakfast burrito   $10.75
spinach tortilla, scrambled eggs, tater tots,
pepper jack cheese, salsa fresca, bacon,
guajillo chili sauce, served with refried beans
bacon cheddar omelet   $11.5
breakfast potatoes
vegetable omelet   $12.5
spinach, mushroom, goat cheese, breakfast potatoes
cinnamon brioche french toast   $11.00
mixed berry syrup
breeze oatmeal   $8
brown sugar, golden raisins,
macadamia nuts, dried cherries
house made lox and bagel   $13
tomatoes, capers, red onion,
toasted bagel, cream cheese
acai bowl   $9.5
acai pulp, tropical fruit, berries, banana, coconut,
pistachios, peanut butter, granola
avocado toast   8.5
sourdough bread, pickled red onion,
fresno chili, cotija cheese, fried egg
add bacon   $3.5   
add crab   $6.5
topped with 2 eggs any style
smoked pork shoulder   $12.5
caramelized onions, roasted jalapeno peppers,
cotija cheese, breakfast  potatoes
market vegetable pesto $11.5
zucchini, broccoli, oven dried tomatoes,
sautéed with onions & garlic, breakfast potatoes
sugar-spiced salmon   $13.5
feta, green onions, cilantro, mustard sauce,
breakfast potatoes
these items take time

chicken & waffles   $14
buttermilk chicken, country gravy, poached egg 
buttered pecan   $10.5
brown butter caramel, toasted pecan pieces,
whipped cream
strawberry   $11
chunky strawberry syrup, whipped cream
the “elvis”   $11
bacon, caramelized bananas, peanut butter syrup,
topped with peanuts

apple wood smoked bacon or sausage    $3.5
choice of bread         $1.5
(olive sourdough, whole wheat or english muffin)
muffins    $2.5
white chocolate-macadamia scone    $3.25
bowl of fresh fruit & berries    $5
breeze breakfast potatoes    $3.5



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